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TowService B.V. is founded on 04 March 2009 as independent Marine Warranty Survey office specialized in warranty surveys for towage and heavy lift and/or special cargo transports.


Our office is based in Sliedrecht, the city where the art of modern dredging and highly sophisticated shipbuilding for offshore and dredging industries are common, and in this world we have our roots. Our surveyors have a long history in the towing industry as captain or in other disciplines. With these skills we provide specializations in multidisciplinary marine and engineering consultancy and survey services to the shipping industries. Our business consist:

  • Warranty surveys for tow projects.
  • Warranty surveys for heavy lift and special cargo projects.
  • Consultancy for towing projects.
  • Monitoring and advisory towed objects.
  • Engineering for transportation of special cargo and-
    sea fastenings arrangements.
  • Calculating and creating tow manuals.
  • Member of the KNVTS (Royal Dutch Society of Marine Technicians).
  • Member of CEDA-NL (Central Dredging Associates).